Lock someone up for charity!


The Mayor of Derby, Councillor John Whitby, is raising funds for his five chosen charities: Safe and Sound, Children First, Derbyshire Children's Holiday Centre, The British Red Cross and Derby Museums Trust.

Just recently, there's been a surge in criminal activity amongst Derby's top business leaders - including the Mayor himself! We need your donations to keep them behind bars for as long as possible and support these local charities!

Watch The Big Lockup!

Total Raised: £8,021.00

How it works


Connect Derby is proud to support this year's Mayor's fundraising appeal and is making use of the jail cells at our Riverside Chambers managed workspace to host Derby's Big Lock Up on Friday 20th April 2018!

The 10 'inmates' who raise the most will face a mock 'arrest' at their place of work on Friday 20th April.

The motley crew will be charged with a whole host of 'misdemeanours' - from crimes against fashion and aggravated assault on dress codes, to cattle rustling, laundering chocolate coins and stalking Gregg's cheese and onion pasties.

After the inmates have been rounded-up, they'll be transferred to the cells at Riverside Chambers, where they'll be forced to undertake a series of tasks to earn food rations and treats.

Their colleagues and members of the public will be asked to make a small donation to vote for the individual they'd most like to see locked up and make further donations to view the footage of the unlucky inmates doing their time in the cells. The more money that's raised, the longer the individuals will stay in the cells.

Derby's Most Wanted!


Dean Jackson

Dean Jackson

Raised: £2055.00

Owner of Huub

Crime: Breaking all the Rules

I fully respect the fact that John the Mayor has not only put a call out for the fundraiser but rightly so rolled up his sleeves and got involved. He is leading the charge to raise funds for some amazing charities and some issues that we would prefer sometimes to not be made aware of, but they exist and John is doing his bit, so I felt compelled to do mine. Even if it does mean sharing a cell with Jonny Greendog!


Ann Bhatti

Ann Bhatti

Raised: £1370.00

Head of Connect Derby

Crime: Being a diva - extremely high maintenance

I've got involved with the Big Lock Up because the work these charities do is exceptional. Every child has a right to a happy and loving childhood and I hope the funds I raise through this event will help contribute towards that.


David Nelson

David Nelson

Raised: £1135.00

Business Advisory Partner at Smith Cooper

Crime: Arson - his spreadsheets are on fire!

By getting involved in the lockup charity challenge, I hope to help raise awareness and funding for charitable organisations that otherwise may not have a voice, helping them to achieve their aspirations and continue to provide their invaluable support to those in need, all whilst having a great time with other, like-minded professionals from Derby.


Olivia Pritchard

Olivia Pritchard

Raised: £657.00

Owner of Hide Burger, BEAN Caffe, Rask Derby and Bustler Market

Crime: Always on the hustle - caught rounding up longhorn cows for Hide burgers

I'm taking part in the lock up event as I think it will be a great way to spread awareness of these fab charities and raise money for some fantastic causes.


Al Ca-Mo Suleman

Al Ca-Mo Suleman

Raised: £638.00

"The Money Man" at Derby Museums

Crime: Laundering chocolate coins and kidnapping Freddo the frog

I am getting involved in this lock up event because all the chosen charities are amazing organisations doing unbelievable things to make Derby a better place. The Mayor has done a fantastic job and I want to show my support and gratitude to him for everything he is doing for the Museum but also for the other charities.


Ian Morgan

Ian Morgan

Raised: £615.00

Chairman of Derbyshire County Cricket Club

Crime: Aggravated assault on dress codes

The Mayor and Mayoress of Derby are inspirational in their work and support for children and I am delighted to have the chance to support their charities. The very colourful, striped blazer in the mug shot is hard to ignore and it has been suggested on more than one occasion that I should be locked up for wearing it.


Lindsey Hatfield

Lindsey Hatfield

Raised: £510.00

Commercial Development Manager at Marketing Derby

Crime: Mischief and misdemeanour - don't ask, she'll never tell

Three of the Mayor's charities are Bondholders which is why I would like to show my support.


David Williams

David Williams

Raised: £305.00

Chairman of Geldards LLP

Crime: Stalker of Gregg's Cheese and Onion pasties

I am pleased to be able to support the Mayor's charities. John has set himself an ambitious target and everything raised will go to very good causes. All I've got to do is get locked up. How difficult can that be?


Hardyal Dhindsa

Hardyal Dhindsa

Raised: £231.00

Police and Crime Commissioner

Crime: Disorganised Crime

My job as Police and Crime Commissioner is to protect communities and fighting crime. There are too many vulnerable children who get victimised and these children’s charities in particular do great work in helping save them. So please give generously by donating to this worthy cause so that we can raise a lot of money for these five wonderful charities!


Jonathan Gray

Jonathan Gray

Raised: £210.00

CEO of Greendog

Crime: Crimes against fashion

To help people overcome what life throws at them……time raising money and what these charities do for people is time well spent, while running from the police and being lockup! Like the dog (greendog) I am.


John Whitby

John Whitby

Raised: £165.00

Mayor of Derby

Crime: Excessive noise pollution

I'm doing the lock up because Councillor Shanker seems to be keen to get me locked up and because I NEED your money for my charities!


Christine Durrant

Christine Durrant

Raised: £130.00

Acting Chief Executive of Derby City Council

Crime: Addicted to caffeine and hot chocolate

I got involved with the lockup event because I was 'cheerfully volunteered' by the outgoing Chief Executive; however, once I focussed on the brilliant charities that we hope to raise money for, the decision to take part was easy.



The Mayor's Chosen Charities

Every year, the Mayor of Derby launches a fundraising appeal to raise money for his or her chosen charities. This provides much-needed help to a number of charities each year and attracts the support from the Derby community.

The Mayor, Councillor John Whitby, has selected five charities with a particular focus on supporting vulnerable children and families as recipients of this year's fundraising appeal:

Safe and Sound

Established in 2002, Safe and Sound works to keep children and young people safe and sound from sexual exploitation. Providing support directly to children, young people and families in Derby and Derbyshire, they work to ensure that individuals receive the support they need to move forward with their lives.

Children First

Founded in 1974 by local Derby resident, Etheleen Mildred Wigley, the charity acts as a meeting place to provide supervised contact, family support and mentoring services, to discuss any issues the families may be facing.

Derbyshire Children's Holiday Centre

DCHC is a charity which provides Derbyshire children experiencing difficult times at home with a week-long holiday in Skegness, Lincolnshire. For many children, the relationships gained remain with them for the rest of their lives.

The British Red Cross

A volunteer-led humanitarian organisation that helps people in crisis, whoever and wherever they are. Starting their movement in 1863, they are often the first responders to help people in crisis from conflicts, natural disasters and individual emergencies.

Derby Museums Trust

A charitable trust, responsible for holding and curating all art and collections in their care. Passionate about showcasing the best of Derby's rich cultural and creative history in a fun and interactive way, enhancing and encouraging children's learning.

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